Co-working can help you find the right people

Want to hire a designer or a digital marketing manager? Need a new way to do payroll? Seeking advice on an employee contract? Trying to find inspiration and motivation? Valuable expertise and positive energy is just a seat away, when working in a co-working space.

Statistics have proven that freelancing and entrepreneurial start-ups are taking the leading role on the world entrepreneurial stage, thus making a great potential for co-working places. It seems that Starbucks with its coffee shop model unintentionally set the roots of a co-working trend. There was a time when consultants, freelancers and the like were stuck alone in their home offices or fighting for space at the local coffee shop. Thanks to co-working, all that has changed – and it’s definitely for the better.

The value of co-working is in the relationships, far more than the resources. Members of co-working spaces have the opportunity to be a part of something greater than themselves, and co-working space founders are able to form a thriving, evolving business, a truly reciprocal relationship. Co-working spaces are connected to the fabric of the community outside of their own four walls, all the while fostering a very vibrant internal community among their members. Great communities rarely happen without deliberate and continual planning, consultation and shaping. This model will be 
an essential microcosm, due to the fact that it will build a society that is connected, convivial, commercially viable, culturally aware and collectively responsible.

If you’re still not sure how  a co-working space can help your business, here are some benefits:

  • Nice break from the traditional work environment where it’s really easy to become distracted
  • Cross-pollination with like-minded people from different industries
  • Opportunities for collaboration
  • Strong networks, build strong businesses
  • Broader community vision
  • Socializing, exchanging information, transact business and grow small businesses from startups to major global companies.
  • Creating local business ecosystems that share common value and emerge stronger together

This shows that over time, the distinction between ‘co-working’ and ‘working’ will become less and less apparent. The word co-working won’t be a word in the future, it will probably just be the way we work.” -Rahul Prakash, partner at Hatch Today.


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